AdornPic-Funny Photo Effects,"FREE!"

Photo effects funtion allows you to apply funny photo effects to your photos. You can put your photo to any scenes. Wiht one click, you can suddenly change your identity to be the cover star of TIMES, leading character of a movie, the headline, outdoor blillboards, posters, etc. You can effortlessly become the focus, so enjoyable!

 Function Interface

How to use?


    Main Categories:All the photo effects are divided into several categories, such as outdoor, indoor, etc. Find the effect you like in the corresponding category.


    Sub Categories:There are sub categories under each main category to segment the photo effects.


    Zoom tool: Zoom in and out the uploaded image by tapping +/- buttons or moving the slider.


    Rotation:move the slider or click the buttons on both sides to rotate the image.


    Mirror:Flip horizontal option for selected item.


    Crop:Crop your image, select a region of the image to enable this action.


    Resize:Resize the image maintaining the overall height-width ratio.


    Reset:By clicking the button, the image set to initial state, and all the stickers deleted.


    Save:点Save the edited image to your phone.


    Save interface:Fill the name of your image int the text box of filename, and move the slider to adjust the quality of the image.