AdornPic-Face In Hole,"FREE!"

FaceInHole is an online photo editor to put your face in a funny photo. With the face effects designed by AdornPic, you can become into Mona Lisa, Harry Potter, American president, James Bonde and Shrek. Make yourself look coll with only a few clicks. Meantime, it's fun to crack a joke on yourself and your friends.

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 Function Interface

How to use?


    Main Categories:All the photo effects are divided into several categories, such as outdoor, indoor, etc. Find the effect you like in the corresponding category.


    Sub Categories:There are sub categories under each main category to segment the photo effects.


    Zoom tool: Zoom in and out the uploaded image by tapping +/- buttons or moving the slider.


    Rotation:move the slider or click the buttons on both sides to rotate the image.


    Toner:Adjust the color of the image, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue.


    Mirror: Flip horizontal option for selected item.


    Resize:Resize the image maintaining the overall height-width ratio.


    Reset:By clicking the button, the image set to initial state, and all the stickers deleted.


    Save:点Save the edited image to your phone.


    Save interface:Fill the name of your image int the text box of filename, and move the slider to adjust the quality of the image.